Having more than 15 years of experience in the satellite industry, including the deployment of Telecommunication Centers, Satellite teleports, Data Centers, interconnection of satellite and terrestrial communications nodes and the implementation of various technologically-complex satellite services integration projects AltegroSky offers the following areas to partners.

The development of satellite data networks:

  • Construction

    of ground infrastructure of satellite communication networks (satellite teleports, communication centers, telecommunication and network operational centers, data centers, satellite communication client stations)

  • Technical support

    and operation of satellite infrastructure facilities

  • Provision

    of an orbital frequency resource for the organization of satellite communications networks using space vehicles of Russian and foreign origin

  • Cooperation

    in the preparation of requirements for new developed spacecraft, communication satellites, taking into account the actual experience of operating high-speed networks on multi-beam satellites (HTS)

  • Supply

    Of network routing, switching and channel-forming equipment, software of leading Russian manufacturers with the ability to localize the "brand" (brand). Fulfill all certification requirements by government / security agencies.

Digital Television and Radio Broadcasting:

Construction of digital television and radio networks for the distribution of state and private television and radio media in the most modern formats, including international standards for broadcasting Full HD and UHDTV. Provision is made for providing the population with multi-channel broadcasting with the guaranteed provision of compulsory free publicly accessible TV channels and radio channels of a given quality and content.

Infrastructure platform for building a satellite network and organizing the provision of telecommunication services on its basis

Complex service consists of the lease:

  • locations for potential customers equipment;
  • ground infrastructure resources;
  • uplink signal satellite resources.

Colocation allows to place customer equipment in the hardware rooms located directly on the site of the AltegroSky teleport.

The lease of the ground infrastructure resources provides for the possibility of connecting the customer’s equipment placed on the teleport to the Internet to the MMTS9 traffic exchange center, as well as sending the traffic to the PSTN and organizing ground communication channels to the customer’s office.

Uplink includes the use of the radio frequency part of the teleporters — the antenna and transceivers — for directly Uplink the signal to the satellite.

The complex service is provided on two large AltegroSky teleports: Bear Lakes and Khabarovsk teleport. The location of teleports on specialized sites away from production areas and building zones ensures the absence of interference and guaranteed passage of licensing procedures regarding EMC.

All listed services can be implemented separately.