Maritime VSAT

VSAT installation & satellite services for maritime connectivity

Maritime VSAT (Maritime Internet)

is a modern satellite solution that provides COTM services at significantly higher speeds than the traditional systems such as Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya - up to 10 Mbps. Satellite technologies allow to solve a wide range of tasks, aimed to increasing the efficiency of business processes and operative management of maritime vessels.
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Comparison with existing satellite communication systems

Key Features Maritime VSAT Iridium Pilot/OpenPort Iridium Certus Inmarsat FBB THURAYA Orion IP
Cost for 1 MB of traffic $ 0,15 $ 15 $ 13 $ 23 $ 1,5
Maximum data transfer rate up to 10 Mbps 128 kbps 704 kbps 432 kbps 444 kbps
Unlimited tariff plans Yes No No No No

AltegroSky for maritime

  • Wild range of satellite platforms and equipment
  • Satellite segment of the Russian constellations in the lease
  • Best price for service in compare with global operators
  • Reliable coverage of the Northern Sea Route
  • Coverage of all waters under the jurisdiction of Russia, Europe and North Africa
  • The management team and engineering staff to guide the segment

Operation benefits with russian satellites

Low frequency cost
Coverage of Russia, CIS, Europe, North Africa
The best solution for the Arctic sea routes

Coverage area of AltegroSky Network

Coverage area of AltegroSky Network

«Express AM8», «Yamal-402», «Yamal-401», «Express-АМ5»
Smooth switching between satellites (seamless roaming)

VSAT systems based on broadband satellite channels open new possibilities for building a communication infrastructure and allow the implementation of modern solutions in the field of operational management, safety and improvement of the crew stay conditions.