About GC AltegroSky
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About GC AltegroSky

AltegroSky GC is one of the leading satellite communications operator in Russia and Eastern Europe. Members of the GС: Race Telecom CJSC, Set Telecom CJSC and MT CJSC, provide satellite communications services throughout the Russian Federation.

AltegroSky provides a wide range of broadband communication services for businesses, telecom operators, government customers: high-speed satellite Internet access, VoIP, multicasting, backup communication links, organization of distribution television and broadcasting networks, construction of networks with complex architecture, dedicated channels on SCPC/CnC technology, Trunking (Mesh, ACM, MCPC), service SubVNO, Up-Linking, Backhauling, wireless communication channels ( UMTS / LTE), satellite communications on the move.

GC AltegroSky on VSAT market


The corporate market is currently forming the greatest demand. Growing demand for satellite communications on the move: maritime (northern sea route), rail (TV broadcast, Internet access), aviation (IFC, IFE).


Provision of services to other communications service providers.


Fulfillment of Federal programs, development of public health, social policy of the State (Elimination of digital inequality), provision in emergency situations.


VSAT Mass Market



AltegroSky has satellite networks operating in DVB-S2 standard, working through 6 Russian and 4 European satellites: Yamal-402 at 55°E, Yamal-401 at 90°E, Yamal-300K at 183°E, Express-AM6 at 53°E, Express-AM5 at 140°E, Express-AM33 at 96,5°E, KA-SAT at 9°E, NSS 12 at 95°E, JCSAT-3A at 128°E, Eutelsat-172B at 172°E; providing full coverage of Russia and Eastern Europe territory.

A wide range of equipment by world’s leading manufacturers of broadband satellite systems: Hughes Network Systems (HN, НХ, HT), ViaSat Inc (Surf Beam), VT iDirect (iNFINITI, Evolution), Comtech, EF, Data Corporation, Paradise Datacom, NJRC, Terrasat, C-Com and others.


AltegroSky today:

  • All segments of Russian Satellite market: B2B, B2G, B2O, B2С
  • More than 1 300 corporate customers
  • About 21 300 subscriber's satellite terminals
  • More than 900 certified partners

Technical features of AltegroSky network

20 Network control centers

Standard DVB-S2

Including Moscow (10), Khabarovsk (5), other cities (5)
Own access points on ММТS-9 and MMTS-10.

Satellite networks of DVB-S, DVB-S2 standard
for 6 Russian and 4 European Satellites.

Network Bandwidth:

satellite network segment - more than 6 Gbit/s
ground segment of the network - more than 50 Gbit/s

Network reliability

"Hot" standby

Due to the use of "hot standby" of the equipment, continuous operation of the DCC is guaranteed.

Network availability

A high degree of network availability - more than 99.5% - ensures the use of the principle of interchangeability of satellites operating on a single proprietary AltegroSky platform.

Satellite redundancy

Use of satellites with overlapping by service areas. If one satellite fails, the VSAT can be transferred to another satellite.




    • Full-featured network services using IPv4 protocol (with IPv6 support);
    • Data download at speeds up to 25 Mb/s, Upload up to 4 Mb/s for each VSAT terminal;
    • The number of terminals on the network is 10,000 or more;
    • VoIP service with DID numbers;
    • A high level of information security;
    • A wide range of end-to-end management;
    • Compliance with the leading industry standard IPoS / DVB-S2.
  • VT iDirect

    • Full-featured network services using IPv4 protocol (with IPv6 support);
    • Data download at speeds up to 45 Mb / s, Upload - up to 10 Mb/s for each VSAT terminal;
    • The number of terminals in the network - 1000 and more;
    • Organization of dedicated networks;
    • Flexible traffic prioritization capabilities;
    • Dynamic redistribution of heterogeneous traffic in the constructed networks in the optimal way;
    • The transfer of telephony, videoconferencing, etc., with the usual transfer of data on a non-conflict basis;
    • Compliance with industry standard IPoS / DVB-S2.

Hubless. SCPC

SCPC (Single Channel per Carrier) is a classic satellite communication technology.
Compliance with the leading industry standard DVB-S2 & DVB-S2X.
It is intended for communication of two earth stations in the topology of "point-to-point". The "exclusive" frequency bands are used only by attached earth stations and can not be used by others.
Organization of backbone channels with a throughput of download/upload up to 360/360 Mbit/s.
The technology C-in-C (mode carrier in the carrier) is applied.
Hot redundancy of VSAT equipment.

At the request of the customer it is possible to implement the options:

  • ACM (adaptive modulation)
  • Mesh (topology of the network "each with each")
  • MCPC topology "star" with fixed return channels

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