New possibilities for  AltegroSky on Yamal-401

AltegroSky Group of Companies (The universal satellite communications operator), announces the beginning of work on the new satellite Yamal-401 in position 90 °E.

Yamal-401 is a large-sized VSAT class satellite. It was launched to the 90°E orbital position and replaced Yamal-300K. Lifetime of the new satellite is 15 years. Its combined payload consists of 53 transponders or 88 equivalent 36 MHz transponders. The payload power of this satellite is more than 10 kW.

Yamal-401 covers territory of Russia and near-by countries. Transponders with standard bandwidth (eighteen 72 MHz transponders) are used by the Northern beam.

Russian beam exactly contours the Russian borders. Transponders with “planned” bandwidth (eighteen 36 MHz transponders) operate in this beam.

AltegroSky plans to hire 200 MHz satellite capacity of the new spacecraft, thereby completely cover the needs of clients in obtaining the necessary services in Ku- band frequencies in Russia. "We waited for this launch. Until now we have been working on satellites Yamal-201  and  Yamal-300K in position 90°E  and rented a total of more than 75 MHz" - the head of the AltegroSky Group of Companies Sergei Pekhterev said"On this spacecraft, we will use a segment for NOC HughesNet, HX and iDirect", - he said.

Yamal-401 will be the second satellite in AltegroSky network with the iDirect platform. The satellite "Express-AM5" (140°E) is providing services using the equipment from January 2015. Among the services of the company there appeared high-tech solutions for enterprise networks, requiring flexible settings to prioritize different types of traffic.

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About AltegroSky Group

AltegroSky Group of Companies is one of the leading satellite communication operators in Russia and Eastern Europe. Members of the GС, Race Telecom CJSC, Set Telecom CJSC, Astra-Internet LLC and Moskovsky Teleport CJSC, Altegro Engineering system integrator, provide satellite communications services throughout the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Europe and the Middle East.

AltegroSky serves about 20% of all VSAT terminals installed in Russia. As end of  2014, more than 700 certified partner companies operate under AltegroSky brand, serving over 15000 subscriber’s satellite terminals.