Maritime VSAT

Maritime VSAT - VSAT technology for organization of the high-grade and high-speed communications services on sea and river vessels by means of satellite channel.

The main functions of maritime VSAT: internet access, data transmission and telephony, as well as providing specialized job, customer services on sea and river vessels within range of satellites used for the organization of this decision.

A distinctive feature of maritime VSAT systems is that the antenna is in constant motion, providing a continuous reception and transmission of information.

Maritime VSAT system can be installed on any vessels of river and sea transport: passenger and cargo, fishing and trade, scientific and educational, military and special purpose ships, drilling platforms, yachts, boats and others.

VSAT installation on board of the vessel opens up new possibilities for the organization of additional services for both the team and the owners of the ship and passengers. 

For the organization of satellite channels on the NOCs in Moscow and Khabarovsk there is used satellite iDirect platform and Hughes Network Systems.

The main services of maritime VSAT:

  • Internet access
  • Telephony
  • Consolidated information network
  • Video - conferencing
  • Service for clients of passenger ship companies: fee-paying Internet access, equipment of cabins
  • Monitoring and transfer of telemetric data
  • Monitoring of vessel location, transfer of operative route data

Maritime package includes the following equipment:

  • SeaTel antenna supporting C and Ku - bands
  • Antenna controller
  • Modem iDirect or Comtech
  • BUC transmitter
  • Low noise LNB amplifier
  • Set of radio-frequency cabals 

Services are realized on the basis of high-speed satellite channels for solution of the following problems:

  • Implementation of remote monitoring of equipment and ship automatics systems, giving consultations in a real time mode, information receipt and transfer
  • Provision of passengers and ship crews by constant, accessible, high-speed and high- quality communications services
  • Backup communication system to the main radio-navigational systems
  • Information exchange between the central office, dispatching desk and vessels
  • Increase of operational efficiency of shipping companies, using the connection of the company vessels into a single corporate network with further implementation of modern telecommunications services
  • Maintenance of high professional level of ship crews
  • Introduction of modern information technologies in control systems of the whole fleet and separate vessels
  • Revealing and prevention of maritime piracy
  • Introduction of modern technologies in practice of oceanographic and hydro meteorological surveys
  • Increase of technological level of electro- power systems and an electric equipment of vessels and floating structures
  • Organization of Navigation Safety in any area of the World Ocean 

Advantages of VSAT solution

  • Ease of installation and equipment maintenance
  • Maintenance of qualitative communication services at abnormal situation
  • Cost optimization
  • Possibility for crew to support constant contact with the land
  • High reliability of network
  • Equipment works, taking into account sea conditions: maintenance of terminal stability in a direction towards the satellite during waves up to 5 points
  • Possibility of work with the guarantee speed of communication
  • Constant monitoring of vessels 

At present moment the application of broadband satellite communication equipment based on VSAT technology corresponds to all requirements specified to modern, high-speed, steady communications with vessels and floating structures:

  • Allows to decrease operating expenses
  • Provides uninterrupted, reliable and high-quality communications services with vessels
  • Gives a possibility of telecommunication services integration
  • Allows to use satellites with wide coverage zone
  • Does not demand long installation of the complete vessel equipment set
  • Is based on IP-protocol
  • Provides high speed information transfer
  • Guarantees a fast return of investment on the equipment
  • Uses a frequency spectrum of C and Ku bands
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