About us - satellite provider AltegroSky

AltegroSky Group of Companies is one of the leading satellite communications operators in Russia and Eastern Europe. Members of the GС, Race Telecom CJSC, Set Telecom CJSC, Astra-Internet LLC and Moskovsky Teleport CJSC, Altegro Engineering system integrator, provide satellite communications services throughout the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Europe and the Middle East. 
AltegroSky serves about 20% of all VSAT terminals installed in Russia. At the end of  2015, more than 700 certified partners operate under AltegroSky brand, serving over 17000 subscriber’s satellite terminals.
AltegroSky is a provider of cutting-edge telecommunication services and solutions for the government, large and small business, communication operators and the consumer market.

Full range of services AltegroSky: High-speed two-way satellite Internet access, VoIP corporate networking, Telemetry, Video and audio conferencing, Video surveillance and broadcasting, Multicasting, Mobile VSAT, Dedicated satellite communications channels SCPC, Mobile satellite communications (based platforms Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya), Telephony, Data transmission monitoring, Payphone, Teleconferencing, Monitoring, Platform iDirect - satellite communications professional solution.

AltegroSky’s key corporate customers are: 

ОАО «АК «Транснефть»

Акционерный Коммерческий Сберегательный банк Российской Федерации
ЗАО «Банк Русский Стандарт» «Евросеть» - одна из крупнейших розничных компаний России, СНГ и Прибалтики


AltegroSky has:

  • Satellite networks operating in DVB-S2 standard, working through Russian and European satellites (Yamal-402 at 55°E, Yamal-401 at 90°E, Express-AM6 at 53°E, Express-AM5 at 140°E, Express-AM33 at 96,5°E, KA-SAT at 9°E, NSS12 at 95°E, INTELSAT-904 at 60°E), providing full coverage of Russia, CIS countries, Europe and the Middle East.;
  • Modern Ground Earth Stations equipped with Ku-band antennas (6 x 9 m (Vertex), 1 х 6 m (Vertex), 1 x 5,6 m (Andrew), 1 x 3.7 m (Andrew), 1 х 4.5 m (Siemens));
  • A wide range of equipment by world’s leading manufacturers of broadband satellite systems: Hughes (HN,НХ, JUPITER), ViaSat Inc (LinkStar, Surf Beam), VT iDirect (iNFINITI, Evolution), Comtech, EF, Data Corporation, Paradise Datacom, NJRC, Terrasat, C-Com and others;
  • 17 Network Management Centers (NMC), including Moscow (10) and Khabarovsk (4) etc, plus own access nodes at MMTS-9 and MMTS-10 international telephone exchanges in Moscow;
  • AltegroSky's Teleports located in Moscow and Khabarovsk;
  • Over 650 Mbps total network capacity
  • In addition to a central office in Moscow and a technical center in the North-Eastern part of Moscow Region, the company has regional offices in Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, St. Petersburg,  Stavropol, Tyumen and Khabarovsk.

    Race Telecom CJSC was established in 1997 and began operation as a satellite provider in October 2004. Until September 2010 Race Telecom provided services to corporate users under SPIN trademark. In April of that year, 100% of Race Telecom shares were purchased by Set Telecom CJSC (AltegroSky’s brand).

    Set Telecom CJSC was established in October 2003 as part of a project aiming to build a federal satellite telecommunication network to provide broadband satellite access over VSAT terminals in Russia and other CIS countries. The company has been working as a satellite operator since November 2004.

    Set Telecom is an official distributor of Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes, USA), C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. (iNetVu, Canada), Eastar (EASTAR, Russia).

    Set Telecom operates a number of research and training centers.

    Astra-Internet LLC was established in 2011 as a vehicle for implementing AltegroSky’s strategy to tackle the market for satellite broadband access in B2C segment.

Moskovsky teleport CJSC was founded in 1992 in Moscow by several shareholders, including MGTS, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-Research Institute of Radio" EDO "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" (MEI), SRI "Sunrise." In July 2014 GC AltegroSky acquired 80.25% stake in satellite operator CJSC "Moskovsky teleport" thus came into a new market segment of satellite communications - selected satellite channels and autonomous corporate network. For AltegroSky open foreign markets and the CIS, the Middle East and Africa, where more than 20 years of successful experience MT.

All the telecommunication operators are fully licensed. Race Telecom CJSC, Set Telecom CJSC, Moskovsky teleport CJSC and Astra-Internet LLC are licensed to provide data transmission, telematics, satellite channel lease and local telephone exchange services.

AltegroSky is Russia’s largest fixed satellite communications operator by the number of VSAT terminals connected!